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"Marley" 3rd generation​, Mojo's father

$15 small  $20 medium  $25 large

'CJ" 2nd generation, Marley's father

Our 4th generation Chocolate lab "Mojo" 

Grooming is a 

Bath and Brush Out    

We feed and give medication  per your instructions.                  Water buckets and food dishes provided.                                  We prefer you bring your own food and treats.                        Rubber mats are provided. Bring your own bed or blanket.     Dogs have access to their own individual outside area through a doggy door.                                                                           Playtime and exercise daily.                                                         Radio on during day and movies in the evening.                            The kennel has 8 pens so its small enough that everyone gets the individual care they need.                                                            At bedtime the doggy doors are closed and everyone is tucked in for the night.                                                                                                                    

C&M Kennel Dog Boarding in St Johns, AZ.