Bordetella guards against kennel cough

Rabies, Yearly Booster, Bordetella

​​Radiant floor heat in the winter and swamp cooler, fans in the summer.

Since 1999

Indoor Dog kennels

We have 8 dog boarding kennels.  Our two large dog kennels can house several large dogs from the same family. The smaller dog boarding kennels can also board smaller dogs from same family. The dog kennels are separated by 3 1/2 foot high of cement block and chain link on top.

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Your Pet is family

 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY                                                  


​​​​Sunday  8 am to 9 am  &  5 pm to 6 pm                                                 

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1460 W 15th N

​​$12 Per calendar date  per dog. $11 For each additional dog in same pen.                                                                                    

C&M Kennel  Dog Boarding St. Johns, AZ.

Dog Boarding Kennel Pet Sitting Grooming in St Johns

C&M Kennel Dog Boarding St Johns AZ

Cell 928-587-5840

Monday to Saturday 7 am to 7 pm           

Temperature Controlled